Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

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It’s a simple thing, cutting the grass.  But it’s also one of the most important things you can for your commercial properties cub appeal.  Here at Precision Lawn and Trees Inc, we want to make sure we do it the right way.  Mowing incorrectly exposes your lawn to disease and stress and, if nothing else, it just makes the lawn look bad and uninviting.  The exact opposite effect you’re after by hiring a company for landscape maintenance in the first place.

Mowing is actually what separates “formal lawns” from wild fields of grass.  By mowing, we prevent the plant from flowering and eventually growing seedheads.  This keeps it in a perpetual state of growth until it gives up and shuts down in the face of the offseason.  The quintessential lawn is one that is beautifully uniform and flat across its surface, like a dead-calm lake.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Lawn Feeding & Fertilization

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Trimming & Edging

  • Lawn Aeration

  • Lawn Winterizing

Mowers come in many types, sizes, and styles; and the company you hire should be able to offer you the best mower and equipment for your Atlanta commercial property.  Choosing the right company with the right equipment will affect not only how your property looks, but also how quickly they can maintain your commercial property and the cost associated to do so.  At Precision Lawn and Trees Inc we’ll pick a mower based on the size your property, your budget, and the extra features such as mulching capability, that fit with the way you want to maintain your landscape.

How we use that mower is the other part of the equation.  Carefully choosing the right mower height, the right time to mow, the right frequency, and the right method will all contribute to how well your lawn fights disease, crowds out weed growth, and thrives to grow as thick and full as possible.  Of course, the result is also a terrific looking lawn that will be the envy of the town.

You’ll also need to decide what you’d like to do with the grass clippings.  If you’re only cutting the recommended one-third or less of the grass heights, you can just leave the clippings on the lawn.  They break down quickly and, depending on how much you’ve fed your lawn, the clippings can be a rich source of nitrogen.  A mulching mower accelerates this process.  Or, you can compost your clippings, unless you applied selective herbicides or pesticides, which could have a negative effect on the composting process.

All other considerations aside, as far as the lawn is concerned, some times are much better than others for mowing.  The goal is to prevent damage to the grass blades and limit stress to the grass.  The best times for this are in the early morning right after any dew has dried, but before the sun is at full strength, or in the early evening before it gets dark.

Other than those general guidelines, the actual days you choose us to mow should be dictated by observing your lawn.  Grass grows at different rates over the course of a season, depending on how much water it gets, how recently it has been fertilized (and what type of fertilizer was used), and other stress factors such as drought.

WHEN TO AERATE The best time to aerate a lawn is just before the grass begins to grow rapidly. Fescue grass makes most of its productive growth in fall, so September and October are prime months to aerate fescue lawns. Bermuda, zoysiagrass and centipedegrass lawns are best to aerate in late April – just as they have completed green-p, ready for vigorous growth.

Let our team of professionals at Precision Lawn and Trees Inc provide you and your property with the care and maintenance your commercial property deserves.  We’re flexible and responsive to the needs of the grass and will help you create a truly wonderful and visually appealing lawn.


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